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Why Did the NCAA Ban Dunking for 10 Years?

Alcindor regularly dunked over his opponents his first year in college. The media nicknamed it the “Lew Alcindor rule,” which prohibited players from making shots above and directly over the cylinder. Alcindor’s coach at UCLA, the legendary John Wooden, said the NCAA indicated Alcindor was not the reason for the rule. However, the officials did admit his name came up in discussions.

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When college basketball outlawed the dunk

When college basketball outlawed the dunk. A few seconds into Texas Western's socially significant victory over Kentucky in 1966's NCAA championship game, David "Big Daddy" Lattin slammed home a dunk over Wildcats star Pat Riley. Michigan forward Jordan Morgan dunks during the first half of a third-round NCAA Tournament game.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Destroyed NCAA's No-Dunking Rule With an ...

The rule was waived during the Korean War in 1950–51. But college athletics’ national governing body reinstated its ban on freshmen participation in 1952, per The New York Times. The NCAA amended the rule in 1968 to allow athletes in any sport other than basketball or football to play. Freshman eligibility became universal on campuses in 1972.

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It was in 1967, and it was because there was a kid named Lew Alcindor (who would change his name to Kareem Abdul Jabbar) at UCLA who led the Bruins to a 30-0 record and a national title.

College basketball got rid of one of its dumbest, least fun ...

The NCAA had a rule outlawing dunks in pregame warmups, a rule which protected nobody, made life less fun and changed the score of actual basketball games. Now that rule is gone. Huzzah! By Rodger...

Why NCAA Once Banned Slam Dunk: The “Real” Reasons

So, in 1967, the NCAA actually decided to ban the dunk, claiming that it was not a “skillful shot” and also citing injury concerns. Whether or not it was a skillful shot was highly debatable and the injuries due to dunking were a very small percentage compared to other injuries that occurred while playing basketball.

Ridiculous Rules NCAA Basketball Players Have To Follow

When you go to a professional game, one of the most entertaining things to watch are the warm-ups, when the players go crazy with their dunks. Depending on who plays for your college, this it is also true for the college game. Or at least, it should. Believe it or not, the NCAA has a no-dunk rule for the last 20 minutes of pregame warm-ups. Yes, players are not allowed to dunk during that time.

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A slam dunk, also simply dunk, is a type of basketball shot that is performed when a player jumps in the air, controls the ball above the horizontal plane of the rim, and scores by putting the ball directly through the basket. It is considered a type of field goal; if successful, it is worth two points. Such a shot was known as a "dunk shot" until the term "slam dunk" was coined by former Los Angeles Lakers announcer Chick Hearn. The slam dunk is usually the highest percentage shot and a crowd-p